Collaborators on the CRONOS project’s Component 1

Sep 26, 2023

In this blog, we would like to present the collaborators on the CRONOS project who are employed within the project. These collaborators work all their working hours on the implementation of the activities of Component 1 of the CRONOS project and are key to the execution of the planned activities in the project itself.

Branimir Turudić has been a collaborator on the CRONOS project since February 2022. Branimir is from Vrlika, and he completed the study of accounting and finance at the University of Split and specialized in the preparation and implementation of projects (co)financed by EU grants. This is precisely why he works on the CRONOS project as a project administrator: he takes care of the administrative implementation of the project and the procurement plan, monitors the financial flow of the project, works on simple and public procurement tasks, creates financial reports for the implementing body and the like. Branimir enables other collaborators to deal primarily with seismology, that is, with what they know best.

Dinko Šindija has been a collaborator on the CRONOS project since July 2022. Although he is from Zagreb, he completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in geophysics at the University of Leeds, UK, where he received his doctorate on the subject of volcanic seismology, but that does not prevent him from dealing with “earthquake” seismology. He is the only doctor we have hired. As part of the CRONOS project, he is in charge of setting up and maintaining new seismic stations (there are currently 11 of them) and installing and maintaining data storage servers. In addition to this more technical work, he also deals with the seismological one: automatic cataloging and locating earthquakes using machine learning for the Petrinja earthquake series and for new data obtained by the CRONOS seismic network. And of course, Dinko participates in outreach activities. But Dinko i salso active in the European Geoscience Union as an Early Career Scientist Representative for the EGU Seismology Division – to learn more about Dinko visit EGU Blogs.

Lucija Golub has been a collaborator on the CRONOS project since January 2023. Lucija is actually from Ivanec, and in 2022 she completed her undergraduate studies in geophysics and graduate studies in Physics – Geophysics at the Geophysics Department of the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb. She analyses seismic anisotropy by analysing the SKS phase splitting at Croatian seismic stations, which can tell us something about the structure of the Earth and the processes in the crust and mantle. In addition, she locates earthquakes recorded by the CRONOS seismic stations, participates in outreach activities through workshops, and maintains our webpage. Lucija is currently on a three-month visit to the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Bergen, where he works with Prof. Stéphane Rondenay on the data obtained by the CRONOS seismic network to determine the structure of the lithosphere.