Collaborators on the CRONOS project’s Component 2

Apr 15, 2024

In this blog, we would like to present the collaborators on the CRONOS project who are employed within the project. These collaborators work all their working hours on the implementation of the activities of Component 2 of the CRONOS project and are key to the execution of the planned activities in the project itself.

Iva Lončar is a seismologist and collaborator on the CRONOS project’s Component 2. Iva is from Osijek and she completed her studies in geophysics and is now a doctoral student at the Department of Geophysics of the Faculty of Science. On the project, she works on seismicity research in the area of the project’s interest, field measurements for local soil conditions studies, and the development of the methodology for researching the foci of strong earthquakes – as part of which international cooperation was achieved with associate Dr. Mathieu Causse (IsTerre, Université Grenoble Alpes, France) and Iva’s professional training. Iva is active in public outreach, giving lectures and workshops for children of preschool and school age, so she is also in charge of outreach for Component 2.

Lada Dvornik is also a seismologist – she completed her studies in geophysics at the Department of Geophysics of the Faculty of Science. As a collaborator on Component 2 of the CRONOS project, she occasionally conducts seismic noise measurements with Tromino and analyzes the data. Lada is in charge of computations for seismic hazard maps using the OpenQuake program and preparations of the input data that will be used to calculate the seismic hazard map. This preparation includes, among other things, the “cleaning” of the earthquake catalogue from foreshocks and aftershocks (so-called declustering) and the analysis and determination of the earthquake focal mechanisms.

Bruno Mravlja joined the rest of the team as an associate on Component 2 at the beginning of 2023. Bruno is from Zagreb and has a master’s degree in geological engineering, and he is an expert in GIS technology – so he complements the other colleagues in the CRONOS Component 2 excellently with his specific knowledge. He is very active in fieldwork for seismic research (the HVSR and MASW methods). An important aspect of geophysical measurements is the correlation with the local-geological conditions of the soil, so during the research Bruno also makes a field geological interpretation, which makes the later analysis much easier. In addition, he maintains the GIS database and analyzes the collected data and is responsible for intuitive and clear presentation of data by creating GIS maps, which facilitates the interpretation of results and planning of further field research, and also serves as the basis for the final interactive research map.

We must also mention Jakov Stanislav Uglešić, a young seismologist who was with us until the end of 2022 and who contributed to the fulfilment of project goals. Jakov carried out field research, analyzed data, and his research on the topic of ground motion models resulted in the publication of a scientific paper!