Educational visit to the Sunčev sjaj – Nazaret kindergarten

Apr 14, 2023 | News

On February 23, Marijana Boras, a meteorologist, joined Iva Lončar, a seismologist and our collaborator on the CRONOS project, to visit the Sunčev sjaj – Nazaret kindergarten. Iva presented the CRONOS project, while both together conducted engaging experiments to introduce the children to the fields of meteorology and seismology. The children learned about creating a storm in glass, forming cotton clouds, making a model of the Earth from clay, and much more. In addition, Iva demonstrated the occurrence of earthquakes and how seismic waves travel, and also played a game of hide-and-seek earthquake to educate the children on proper earthquake safety measures. We believe that this visit inspired many young scientists to explore the world around them.

Read about the visit at the web page of the Sunčev sjaj – Nazaret kindergarten here.

Prepared by Iva Lončar