MASW measurements and educational lectures in district schools at the locations of accelerograph stations in Opuzen and Vrgorac (Veliki Prolog)

Dec 15, 2023 | News

In the period from December 11th to 12th, 2023, the field team of Component 2 of the CRONOS project (Lončar and Mravlja) performed MASW measurements at the locations of the accelerograph stations in Opuzen and Veliki Prolog near Vrgorac. Also, as part of the fieldwork, they held educational lectures in schools in towns where the aforementioned measuring stations are located, Opuzen High School and Vrgorac Elementary School.

A geophysical investigation of the terrain was performed at the locations of the accelerograph stations in Opuzen and Veliki Prolog, near the schools where the stations are located. Measurements were made with the wireless geophysical system Geometrics Atom 1C and 3C, financed with CRONOS project funds. The method used was active and passive MASW, on 50 and 30-m-long profiles (Opuzen and V. Prolog). The purpose of the geophysical measurements was to gain insight into the layering and seismic features of individual layers of the surface deposits, as well as to estimate the depth of the bedrock (ie, to compare results to the previously performed HVSR measurements).

Also, for the purpose of education and raising awareness of earthquakes and the promotion of the Project, the team held lectures at the Opuzen High School (the location of the accelerograph station) and the Vrgorac Elementary School (near the location of the accelerograph station).

Finally, Project information boards were placed at locations of accelerograph stations.

Prepared by Bruno Mravlja