Outreach lecture at the American Corner Rijeka

Apr 14, 2023 | News

On Tuesday 28 March 2023, starting at 18 h, in the Rijeka American Corner of the Rijeka City Library – Trsat branch, Iva Dasović held a lecture About earthquakes and other stories. In it, she described what an earthquake actually is, how and where they occur, and how seismologists study them. She also talked about the undesirable consequences of the earthquake and what can be done to prevent them. She particularly referred to the causes of earthquakes and seismicity in the area of ​​Croatia and the Croatian littoral, an area that is seismically moderately active and where the earthquake hazard is pronounced. She introduced the attendees to the activities of Croatian seismologists, and in particular, she presented the CRONOS project and its goals with an emphasis on reducing earthquake risk by making citizens aware of the earthquake danger in their surroundings and what they themselves can do to protect their lives and property. Lucija Golub also helped Iva in the preparation of the demonstration experiments.

The purpose of such public lectures planned as part of the CRONOS project is to raise awareness of the real earthquake threat and bring the subject of earthquakes and the terms used to describe them to “ordinary” citizens in order to increase understanding of the problem, but also to establish better communication between citizens and seismologists. Better awareness enables better preparation for the effects of a (moderately) strong earthquake, which reduces the risk of an earthquake, and reduces the fear of weaker ones that pass without harmful consequences.

The lecture lasted about an hour and a half, followed by questions. About 35 people attended the event live, and it was broadcast via the Facebook Live platform and is available at the link.