Supervision of geotechnical drilling and geophysical research with the aim of detecting underground water at defined borehole accelerographs locations

Jul 7, 2023 | News

In the period of June 28th to 30th, 2023, the field team of Component 2 of the CRONOS project (Mravlja and Gazdek) supervised geotechnical drilling in Imotski and carried out field research in the area of Vrlika, Imotski, Aržano and Sinj for the purposes of determining the level of groundwater in the area of drilling locations and the saturation of individual layers with groundwater.

In Vrlika, the condition of the existing geotechnical borehole was screened with regard to the presence of water in the borehole pipe. Later in Imotski, after unexpectedly encountering groundwater during drilling already in shallow soil deposits, drilling was stopped and, due to new circumstances, the field research plan was changed. The planned drilling locations (Imotski and Sinj) and one reserve location (Aržano) were investigated in order to define the optimal location for the well and the installation of the well system. The research was carried out using the following methods and instruments: geoelectrical method of measuring electrical resistivity measured by Abem Terrameter SAS 1000 system (an instrument lent to us for this purpose by colleagues from the Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering in Varaždin), seismic MASW method measured by Geometrics Atom system (financed with CRONOS project funds) and measurement of microseismic disturbances using the HVSR method with Tromino devices (financed with CRONOS project funds). Classic geophysical, microseismic and geoelectrical measurements were performed by Assoc. Ph.D. Mario Gazdek and Bruno Mravlja.

Prepared by Bruno Mravlja