The CRONOS project (C1) field survey for temporary seismic station sites

Mar 3, 2023 | News

Within the CRONOS project’s Component 1, we planned to install 12 temporary seismic stations in Dalmatia to make the existing seismic network denser. A dense seismic network is preferred when studying active faults because it increases the possibility of earthquake detection. Three field surveys were undertaken in September 2022 to find adequate locations for setting up seismographs. 

To set up a temporary seismic station, the location must meet several necessary conditions: no large anthropogenic sources of noise in its vicinity, the instrument has to be installed on the ground floor or basement of the building under lock and key, access to electricity, good enough signal for mobile internet, and minimal daily circulation of people around the device itself. Until now, the auxiliary facilities of municipal buildings or small schools have proven to be a suitable location.  

The first field survey was undertaken from 6 to 9 September 2022: Josip Stipčević, Dinko Šindija i Helena Latečki went scouting for optimal seismic station locations. First, several municipalities and potential locations were visited at Vrsi, Ražanac, Poličnik, Benkovac, Polače and Lišane Ostrovičke, but two locations in Korlat were chosen as optimal. After that, the western part of the hinterland of Šibenik-Knin county was visited. After visiting the Ervenik and nearby Mokro polje, the location in Ervenik was identified as a good site for a seismic station. Next, they visited locations in the municipalities of Drniš, Ružić, Muć and Dugopolje. On the last day, they inspected a National Park Krka’s facility in Laškovica, which was unfortunately found to be inadequate due to the excessive daily circulation of people. Furthermore, after talking to authorities in Gradac and visiting some facilities, they found a good location for a temporary seismic station.  

The second field survey conducted in search of the seismic station sites lasted from 19 to 23 September 2022. Scouting was done by Helena Latečki and Dinko Šindija. They visited locations in Hrvace, Zvjezdano selo Mosor and Gornje Sitno. In Hrvace, they met with the authorities, and they introduced them to the goals of the CRONOS project, and offered education on the awareness of the earthquake hazards, as envisaged in the project. After visiting proposed locations, they concluded that facilities in Hrvace and Gornje Sitno are suitable for setting up seismographs. Next, they went to Vrlika, Cista Provo and Nisko, met with the municipalities representatives and offered education on the awareness of seismic hazards, as proposed in the project. All three visited locations met the conditions for a seismic station. In the village of Balići, they also found a suitable site for a temporary seismic station. Then they went to Zadavarje, Slivno and Gradac. The locations in Zadavarje and Slivno proved to be adequate locations. Last they visited Pojezerje, Mlinište in the Municipality of Zažablje and Opuzen – they decided the facilities in Pojezerje and Mlinište meet the conditions necessary for the installation of seismographs.  

The third field survey was conducted only by Josip Stipčević 27 – 30 September 2022. to find the remaining sites for temporary seismic stations. He visited Prud and Zažablje near Ploče, and Gradac. On the second day, he scouted through the municipality of Vrgorac, Kozica and Rašćane. and he arranged to install the seismograph in Sitno Gornje. On the third day, it was agreed to place the instrument inside the monastery in Visovac and in Slivno. On the last day, he inspected potential sites in Nadin and Korlat and the municipality of Zemunik.  

We would like to thank all the representatives of the municipalities and towns who took the time for the meetings, proposed and toured with us potential locations, and at the end granted space and approved the installation of temporary seismic stations.