The CRONOS project presented at the scientific and professional meeting in Dubrovnik

Aug 18, 2022 | Meetings and workshops

The scientific and popular conference “Seismic and climatic threats to the Dubrovnik Area” took place on 3 and 4 May 2022 with the purpose to present current scientific research related to the sources of the two biggest natural threats to the Dubrovnik area: earthquakes and climate change. The Dubrovnik area is one of the most seismically active areas in Croatia. Also, climate change causes a variety of unwanted consequences that significantly affect the environment and entire ecosystems.

The first day of the conference was dedicated to clarifying the processes that define climate and seismic hazards and presenting the results of specific research in the Dubrovnik area as well as the recommendations derived from them. It was intended for professionals and the general public, with special attention focused on decision-makers, local authorities and employees of various city and county services. Because with the CRONOS project we want to communicate and improve cooperation with experts in regional and local government, Asst. Prof. Josip Stipčević, project assistant manager, presented the project explaining the goals and plans of the project.

The second day of the meeting was intended for high school students in order to familiarize them with climatological and seismological topics and to make them aware and encourage them to think about the natural threats of their region, but also about scientifically based solutions. A series of popular lectures and workshops were held. Iva Lončar, a collaborator on the CRONOS project, held a short lecture and performed seismological experiments under the name “Little School of Seismology” in order to introduce them to earthquakes, their effects and the dangers they cause. Asst. Prof. Davor Stanko and Jakov Stanislav Uglešić, also collaborators on the CRONOS project, demonstrated in a workshop the MASW method – a geophysical method that will be used to investigate local soil conditions as part of the project.

Prepared by Iva Lončar

Presentation of the CRONOS project on the first day of the SKUDP22 conference
Asst. prof. Josip Stipčević presenting the CRONOS project