The Round-table in Sinj on February 22, 2024

Mar 6, 2024 | News

On February 22, 2024, a Round-table was held in Sinj, with the initiative and co-organization of the City of Sinj, named “Safe (co)existance with earthquakes – on the example of the City of Sinj”, where the results of the CRONOS project (Investigation of seismically vulnerable areas in Croatia and seismic ground motion assessment) related to the seismic microzonation of the City of Sinj were displayed. The Project activities required for the aforementioned goals and their results were presented by the head of the CRONOS project, Prof. Ph.D. Snježana Markušić with the following associates: Assist. Prof. Ph.D. Davor Stanko, Assist. Prof. Ph.D. Mario Gazdek, Iva Lončar and Bruno Mravlja. The results of the conducted research will contribute to a better knowledge of the properties of the soil and rocks in the area of the City of Sinj, while the microzonation maps and shake maps for selected earthquake scenarios form a seismic basemap necessary for urban planning. All that enables high-quality earthquake-resistant construction, which is the main prerequisite for the further development of the City. Therefore, the Round-table caused great interest, as well as constructive discussion.

The round table was opened by the mayor of the City of Sinj, Mr. Miro Bulj, and the representative of the Split-Dalmatia County, Mr. Damir Gabrić (head of the administrative department for Croatian veterans, civil protection and human rights of the County) and numerous representatives of local self-government units, school principals, media representatives and the interested public were also present.

Prepared by Davor Stanko