The second meeting of Component 1

Jul 6, 2023 | News

The second meeting of Component 1 of the CRONOS project took place on 4 July 2023 at 10 a.m. The meeting was attended by Josip Stipčević, Dinko Šindija, Helena Latečki, Lucija Golub, Nina Matsuno, Marijan Herak, Tena Belinić Topić, Bojan Matoš, Darko Matešić, David Rukavina, and Igor Matešić. Ivica Pavičić, Iva Dasović, and Marija Mustać Brčić joined via Teams.

Josip Stipčević began the meeting with presentation of all the acquired equipment (seismometers, DAS unit, small equipment and equipment for seismic profiling of the sea-bottom). The collaboration with the University of Bergen was mentioned, including the visiting stay of Tena Belinić Topić and Iva Dasović, the upcoming visiting stay of Lucija Golub, and the visit of colleagues from the University of Bergen to Croatia for seismic stations maintenance and experience exchange. Further plans for the project were discussed, including ground shaking simulation for a strong earthquake near Makarska, building geological profiles and fault zones, modelling of the crust structure near the Biokovo Mt., constructing a seismic profile in the sea in front of Makarska, and completing the research conducted by Dinko Šindija, Lucija Golub and Tena Belinić Topić.

Next, Dinko Šindija presented the status of the Seiscomp3 seismological software, the workstation, data on the server and the installed seismological stations. Dinko also presented the preliminary results of his research on earthquake location and detection using machine learning and outlined further plans for continuation of the research.

Lucija Golub gave a presentation on her research on anisotropy using the SKS splitting method. She briefly explained the method, and presented initial results and outlined further plans.

Tena Belinić Topić then presented her results in research conducted during the study visit in Bergen. She studied the lithospheric structure beneath the Dinarides based on receiver function analysis. We discussed on the results of her research and her future plans.

The last presentation was given by Bojan Matoš on the progress of the geolgical team and goals for the continuation of the project. He expects that 141 field measurements will be conducted by the end of 2023. The plan includes collecting additional sedimentological-stratigraphic and structural data, creating the GIS database, preparing microscopic slides, building the Makarska–Posušje seismotectonic profiles, 3D structural models, imaging and interpreting the seismic profiling of the sea-bottom.

Prepared by Lucija Golub