Visit of the delegation of the Norwegian Embassy in Zagreb, the EEA and Norwegian Grants and the MRRFEU

Oct 3, 2022 | News

On Wednesday, 21 September 2022, starting at 11 o’clock, representatives of the delegation of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Zagreb, the EEA and Norwegian Grants, and the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds visited the Department of Geophysics of the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb. The delegation was led by Ambassador Haakon Blankenborg, Director of the Sector for Central Europe and the EEA and Norwegian Grants Jon Erik Strømø and Iva Novak, Director of the Directorate for Strategic Planning and Coordination of EU Funds (MRRFEU) Grants. They and their colleagues were welcomed by the Vice dean for finance of the Faculty of Science Assoc. prof. Ivana Herceg Bulić, Head of the Geophysical Department of PMF Prof. Zoran Pasarić and Assoc. prof. Snježana Markušić, project manager of the CRONOS project financed by the Norwegian Grants 2014–2021.  

At the meeting, project manager Assoc. prof. Snježana Markušić presented the main goals of the project Geophysical-seismological research of earthquake-endangered areas in the Republic of Croatia and the development of attenuation relations for predicting seismic ground motion – CRONOS, while Asst. prof. Josip Stipčević and Asst. prof. Davor Stanko presented specific goals and plans in Components 1 and 2. After a short discussion, Asst. prof. Iva Dasović led the guests through the Andrija Mohorovičić Memorial Rooms and introduced them to the importance and legacy of this great scientist. 

Prepared by Iva Dasović