Work meeting of Component 2 collaborators from 3.11.2022.

Nov 29, 2022 | News

On Thursday, November 3rd 2022, a meeting for the K2 component of the CRONOS project took place. The meeting was opened by a presentation of general information about the project and obligations fulfilled in the first year, as well as a list of upcoming obligations. The aim of the meeting was to give an overview of completed tasks, present related research and results, and define the deadlines for remaining tasks within the first year.

Iva Lončar was the first to present her area of research, including the completeness magnitude and completeness year of the earthquake catalogue, and a display of the weighted distribution of the earthquakes. The need for potential expansion of the analyzed region and possible reanalysis of some historical earthquakes was pointed out.

The next presentation was given by Davor Stanko. He gave an overview of definitive locations for the installation of certain types of instruments and described their geology as well as the additional equipment required for each one. The participants of the meeting then discussed potential remaining locations.

Jakov Stanislav Uglešić described the method used to define representative attenuation relations for our area and presented the results for the relations tested with that method. He also stated for which other relations such an analysis will be performed.

The last presentation, demonstrating input files for the open-source software Openquake used to create hazard maps, was given by Lada Dvornik. She explained their contents and the data needed to construct them.

Finally, the dynamics of further research were defined, and the meeting ended with a discussion of the obligations fulfilled so far, as well as future ones.

Prepared by Lada Dvornik